Welcome to the DF95 Class Owners Association web site!

This site is your online resource to all things DF95 in the USA.  This newest RC yacht is poised to make a big splash in the RC sailing community. This multi-rigged boat excels in a large range of wind conditions. As a Restricted One-Design boat, skippers will be putting their sailing skills to the test not their wallet. It promises close and exciting racing in an affordable and easily maintained design.

Sail Registry
To get a sail number, review the sail registry and select an available number, fill out the online form and request that number, submit payment via paypal from the registration form. Then, please, be patient. I try to update the registry at least once a week so it might be a few days before you hear from me. After, I register you, you will receive an email verifying your sail number.

Forum Access
The login and registration to the right is for DF Forum access only and is not required to be able to use the remainder of the DragonFlite USA Class Association web site. The forum registration will be completed by the Class Secretary upon sail registry and your login information will be sent to you. This prevents non-association members from joining and spamming. If you desire forum access but are not an association member, please contact the Class Secretary.

Current # Class Membership: 312 Skippers of which 243 are AMYA Members
Last edited April 28, 2017