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    I purchased my DF95 10 months ago and have thoroughly enjoyed sailing the boat. I haven’t read anything regarding cracked hulls or any other design flaws. By contrast, The DF65 feedback has been quite the contrary. There have been many complaints regarding hull cracks around the keel joint. This problem has persisted with the V6 DF65 as well. I have personally seen two hull failures here in Houston. The same problem is well documented on the Facebook DF65 page. I purchased a V6 DF65 about 8 months ago and have not experienced any problems as yet. Any info regarding DF95 defects would be appreciated. It appears whatever problems encountered with the DF65 were rectified with the DF95. HOPEFULLY!

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    DragonSailing NA

    On the v6 there has been a less than 1% failure rate due to hull cracking on the DF95 there has also been an even lower low failure rate, but we’ve had a few we’ve had to replace. Every one has been replaced free of charge.
    In every mass manufactured process there will be defects, these are not custom hulls and were built to be performance boats.. not toy bathtub boats.
    As we go along we look to get Joysway to improve QC and improve hull quality, but what matters is how your US distributor deals with the issue, and hopefully works to keep quality high and defects low, and keep the fleet sailing, and customers happy

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