Candidate Bios

Skipper provided bios for 2020 class elections

Robert Hirsch (Region 6)

Bob Hirsch / San Diego Argonauts
Why the DF 95?  Well, when the DF 95 first became available, I immediately saw this boat as the answer to our Club’s declining membership.  At this time it was hard to attract new members as there wasn’t a true introductory boat available. The DF 95 fit the bill and we haven’t looked back since we added it to our Sail Points series.  We are typically averaging 18-20 boats at the start line each month, as well as adding new members monthly.
Qualifications… Ever since my first DF 95 purchase, I have been an enthusiastic class supporter.  I’m at our Club’s sailing venue 2-3 times weekly sharing my boat with potential members.  I’ve helped organize tuning clinics and all of our DF 95 Regattas for the past 2 years. During the past 4 years, I’ve held the positions of Club Vice-Commodore of Sail, Secretary andPurser.
I believe all of this, and my familiarity and friendships with a good number of Region 6 members, puts me in a good position to represent Region 6 as it’s Director for 2020.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me… rhirsch01 at gmail dot com
Thank you for your consideration!
Bob Hirsch