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      I’d like to have a complete set of 1.5V AA batteries so that they can be interchanged with the transmitter or receiver. Easier should one battery fail and/or have spares/backups. This differs from the Dragon Sailing receiver battery pack they offer.
      I’d appreciate any knowledge about which AA performs better… as it relates to our DF95 sailing and conditions.
      RE: I’ve read reviews, watched videos and am still undecided.
      Your experience, knowledge and recommendation(s) is appreciated. This appears to be evolving technology. Thank you!

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      I use panasonic eneloops in my transmitter. They last all day and have been resilient. I rotate two sets of 4. I use Life battery in the boat for the receiver but think the eneloops would be fine there as well. The Life is better than Lipo in my mind as it is a 6.6v battery so does not need a BEC to step down a 7.2 lipo.

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      Interesting… sounds like 1.2V for the transmitter and 1.5V for the receiver? RE: I started with 1.2V in both until I read another post here and double checked the DF95 and FS-i6 manuals. 1.5V (4*AA) is spec in FS-i6. I’m experimenting with new Alkaline 1.5V (non-rechargeable), which won’t last for long. <lol>
      What’s nice is a new boat provides new learning opportunities! I’d appreciate any further thoughts about rechargeable batteries whether 1.2V (NiMh) or 1.5V… whatever battery composition you have. Many thanks!

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      Jim Helmke

      I have used both the NiMH 1.2 V AA batteries that are the radiosailing.net site and Blackube Lithium 1.5 AA batteries from https://www.amazon.com/Blackube-Rechargeable-Batteries-Lithium-1500mAh/dp/B07D9K2H9H. Both are rechargeable. There is about a 50 gram weight difference between the two. Blackube are lighter but 4 are over the class weight minimum. Both last more than 3+ hours of on the water time. Neither have shown signs of being out of charge.

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      I researched more and purchased rechargeable lithium batteries. The constant 1.5V x 4AA = 6.0V used in both Tx and Rx has worked well. This solved the sporadic servo issues, for example. This is based on 3+ months of testing.
      Use a more generic term and get the best rated batteries you feel comfortable buying.

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