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    Unless I missed something I don’t see any rule prohibiting a flag from being flown on the Backstay.
    I did see where the rule states a “burgee” may be flown from the Backstay Crane. If I interpret that literally it might be difficult to do that…
    Chuck, any ruling on my query?

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    Below is the quoted text from the rules regarding your question:

    H.13 ….. A wind indicator or burgee attached to the top of the mast or backstay crane is allowed provided it’s sole purpose is to indicate wind direction.

    I have several “takes” on the meaning of this rule. First, you are asking regarding a flag. I would interpret a flag to be a wind indicator and/or a burgee. So from that perspective, it is legal as it does serve as aiding in indicating wind direction. I would interpret the condition of the rule (provided it’s sole purpose is to indicate wind direction.) to mean sole sailing/performance purpose as the flag obviously has an informational purpose although I do not believe that is intended to be prevented. Third, I think a “flag” would have to be attached to the top of the mast, as you mention attaching it to the crane would be difficult. So I think that the crane section is referring to tying a ribbon or tape to the crane as I’ve seen done in many regattas.

    Hope that addresses your question.
    Russ G.
    DF95 Class Secretary

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