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      Have had several problems with stretching of the elastic tension cord.
      It stretches out so tension is not sufficient on the drum. Visually it
      doesn’t appear damaged. Is there any rule of thumb of how often it
      should be replaced ? Is there any source of a bulk purchase of similar
      material. We have 15 boats now and purchasing from Radio Sailing is not
      all that expensive, would be nice to just be able to have a large spool
      of it for the club members to use.

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      You can buy at a sewing supply store, your wife probably knows where one is, Butch

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      Tommy Smith

      Just got my boat on Monday. When I sail it, the line keeps coming off of the drum because of lack of tension – the line “unrolls” off of the drum. The line that came with the boat is not elastic – but this post indicates that the line is supposed to be elastic. Can anyone tell me if the line that goes around the drum is supposed to be an elastic line? If not, then how do I increase the tension on the line returning to the drum so that it will not come off while sailing. Thanks.

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      The line on the drum is not elastic. The elastic line is from the sheet line clip to the front eyelet on the foredeck. The purpose is to keep tension on the line around the drum when there is no load.

      (I can’t find it in the manual, but there it is.)

Viewing 3 reply threads
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