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    anyone else having trouble with newly ordered sail servos not working in oct. 2018

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    John Bert

    Had one that I purchased 6 months before. Initially would not work at all. I manually turned the drum back and forth a few times and it started working. It has been fine ever since.

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    Both servos could be better quality. I see this with my recently purchased DF95. I’ve had better ones from Futaba or Hitec. I might look into replacing them depending on how it goes in the coming month(s). HTHS

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    The trimming distances are inconsistent on the sail servo

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    Agreed Jonathan,
    Inconsistent for me too… mostly at the end point(s) when sheeting in close hauled. This is more of an issue than inconsistent end point(s) when running, IMHO. I don’t know if it’s due to new servos or quality or both yet. Should I learn more, I’ll post an update. Many thanks!

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