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      anyone else having trouble with newly ordered sail servos not working in oct. 2018

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      John Bert

      Had one that I purchased 6 months before. Initially would not work at all. I manually turned the drum back and forth a few times and it started working. It has been fine ever since.

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      Both servos could be better quality. I see this with my recently purchased DF95. I’ve had better ones from Futaba or Hitec. I might look into replacing them depending on how it goes in the coming month(s). HTHS

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      The trimming distances are inconsistent on the sail servo

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      Agreed Jonathan,
      Inconsistent for me too… mostly at the end point(s) when sheeting in close hauled. This is more of an issue than inconsistent end point(s) when running, IMHO. I don’t know if it’s due to new servos or quality or both yet. Should I learn more, I’ll post an update. Many thanks!

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      I had the same issue of servo travel with my new DF95. it only traveleed about 115mm until I worked out how to adjust the travel on the remote and then I can only get it to about 125 mm.

      Is the number of rotations set on the sail servo or can it be adjusted another way?

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      I’ve eliminated the sporadic servo issues by using rechargeable lithium batteries. The constant 1.5V x 4AA = 6.0V used in both Tx and Rx has worked well.
      The servo’s range is adjusted in the Tx’s programming. If you need some help, search the Tx’s name on YouTube. There are a few videos that might help.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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