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    I’m new to the 95, but I’m rather surprised that there is not a thread dedicated to Hatch Covers. While the kit version offers a nice low-profile and water tight seal, it’s use of adhesive or tape seems very impractical for easy access to the servos and battery. The long term implications of removing the tape seems cumbersome to any paint scheme or effects of heat and tape adhesive, or just convenience of access. Has anyone come up with an alternative?

    Needless to say, the hatch doesn’t effect the boat performance, but I can appreciate concerns about not wanting to vary from the original kit. I would think there would be an alternative for daily sailing, and for race regattas, simply slap the standard hatch and adhesive patch to keep it legal and consistent.

    Thoughts? Did I miss a thread on this topic?

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    I couldn’t agree more, it is a nuisance.
    I use dacron sail insignia tape (white, from Sailmakers Supply) and use a plastic razor blade to lift the starboard side up for battery changes etc.. I get many many uses out of one patch. I also cut a circle in the center of the patch which allows me to see the servo(s).

    Although I REALLY like the Soch Sails Hull Decal the hatch patch is difficult to put on and is only good for one use.

    If there’s a better mousetrap I’d love to hear about it.


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    I think you described the current state very well. Any nice alternative that removed the need for adhesive would be nice for casual club sailing and I’d like to see some ideas. I use the hatch and tape all the time and it is watertight but the residual is a pain to clean up and I have peeled paint off the hull. Ugh.

    At a regatta, it’ll be back to the supplier hatch and tape or deck patches to stay within the rules.

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    I use white electrician’s tape to seal the edges of the clear hatch cover. The white blends in with the deck, you can see through the clear hatch to see what is going on and, if carefully pealed back, you can reuse the tape many times. I just peal it back partway to access the interior and use back part of the tape as sort of a “hinge”. It works great, is cheap and absolutely waterproof.
    If your hull is a different color, you can pick up many different colors of the tape in the electrical section of Home Depot.

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    A fellow in our group has put together a nice system, which is rather simple, but seems to provide a good option. Using the clear hatch cover provided with the Dragon Flite 95, he’s added small magnets to each of the four corners of the inside of the hatch. These magnets are 1/8-3/32in in diameter (I’ve seen these magnets used in war gaming). Opposite of the magnets are small washers, which have been glued in place. A very thin layer of insulating foam or rubber has been added where the hatch cover makes contact with the boat, to provide weatherproofing. The cover can now be pulled off, or put back in place rather easily. As a precaution, he sometimes adds a single piece of tape to keep the hatch in place in more ruff conditions. For regattas or more ruff sailing, you can still cover this hatch with a patch, since the overall profile of the hatch has not changed.
    I haven’t had a chance to reproduce this yet, but have a couple of hatch covers on order. Once again, my end goal is to get completely away from the use of tape. This option looks very promising!

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