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      Eric Clough

      Hello all,
      I’m brand new to model yachting, bought my DF95 in March of ’19, and absolutely love it! I sailed it about 10 times in Naples, FL then went back north to MI for the summer. Just arrived back in Naples and found the jib luff tape is peeling up and won’t stay stuck down when I press it back into place. There’s adhesive on the mylar that’s very tacky but the underside of the tape is dry. The boat was stored in my condo, never above 80deg, ~50% RH, thin plastic bag over it as a dust cover. Has anyone else had this problem? The sails have never been wet. I’m thinking of applying double-face tape along the luff to reattach it, but don’t know if that’s a good long term solution, and not all of it has detached. Your advice would be much appreciated!

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