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    John Bert

    The bottom 1/4 of my main sail A rig has wrinkles that I cannot get rid of. Light winds not so bad, but stronger winds wrinkles appear on the windward legs.

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    How is the weather helm? If the rake of your mast is angled aft too much, weather helm and wrinkles can occur

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    John Bert

    Thank you Gary. Will try less rake. Ben using 1090 back stay as per manual.

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    Wrinkles in the lower 3rd or quarter of the luff can result when there is increased mast bend causing stress wrinkles from the clew to the luff. This means the main needs to have its luff curve cut with more curve to allow for the mast bend. The other things that affect this is too much vang tension which increases tension at the head causing more mast bend, very much the same result as having too much backstay. Keep in mind that the mast and rig needs to be tuned to the sails in these rigs, not the sails to the rig.

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