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      Vasco Pickett

      I have been sailing my DF95 since late April. Recently when I adjust my sails I am getting a “beep” on my transmitter and my batteries are dying after about 30 minutes of sailing. On removing the battery pack I am finding it to be very hot. The problem continues even with a fresh battery pack. I do not get the “beep” when I make rudder adjustments. Been sailing RCs for about 11 years have never experienced any to me like I have a short somewhere in the system. Using the process of elimination, I have tried bypassing the off-on switch and connecting the battery pack directly to the receiver, but the problem persists. Can you have a short in a servo? I am concerned that the hot battery pack is going to distort the plastic hull as it is getting that hot.
      Any suggestions?

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      Don Barker

      Definitely sounds like you have a short somewhere. Try on the bench unplugging one servo at a time and dry sailing your boat for about 30 minutes at a time to see which servo is causing over drain on battery. If both are doing it, you have a bad RX.

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      Vasco Pickett

      Thank you Mr. Baker. Excellent suggestion. I followed your advice and put the boat on my work bench and toggled the winch servo lever on the transmitter and the sail servo became more and more sluggish, even thought the receiver battery indicator was showing over 5 volts. After a few minutes I decided that there was a problem with the sail servo and I have ordered a replacement. I appreciate you taking the time to think through this with me. Not sure where you reside, but if you are ever in Charleston, SC we have a great sailing venue at the James Island Park and would love to have you join. We re sailing a mixed fleet of DF95s and Soling 1 meters on Wednesdays and will start a points day in August for the 95s the second Sunday of each month.

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