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      OK I have been sailing rc boats for a while, my first boat, 1970 M boat had a big square lantern battery. And now I am confused about the right receiver battery for my DF95. It comes with 4 AA batteries, which work fine. Now I want a rechargeable battery. The forum says a minimum of 6 volts and max of 7 volts. So what battery do I use, I have Nimh and LI-PO batteries and chargers. How many mAh do I need and what fits the space and doesn’t weigh a ton?? Any help is appreciated. Regards Butch31

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      I use a custom 6v 5-AAA cell 1000 Mah, NiMH pack in 3 x 2 configuration. This fits neatly into the compartment, held down with Velcro, and is lighter weight than the 4-AA cell pack supplied with the boat. One pack lasts for about 4-5 hours of sailing. I have several packs, all re-chargeable.
      I get them from Batteries America. If you call them at 1-800 308 4805 you can specify exactly what you want and which type connector etc and they will quote a price. They give great service!

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      Mike great thanks, I will give them a call, Regards Butch31

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      Hi Butch,

      Mike’s solution is a good one especially if weight is a concern. The Nimh (Nickel Metal Hydride) is the original type recharcheables. They produce 1.2 volts (hence the need for 5 cells to achieve 6 volts which is what your servo probably needs.)

      For the past 6 months I’ve been using LiPo (Lithium Polymer) AA’s. LiFe (Lithium Ferrous) types are also used frequently. The LiPo AA’s and AAA’s rate at 1.5 volts so you only need 4 to achieve the needed 6 volts. As they discharge their voltage does not decrease appreciably so they’ll maintain that 1.5 volt rate pretty much over most of their entire discharge duration. They come in AAA and single block sizes. The AA size that I use are rated at 1250 mah and will typically last several hours.

      The advantages to the litium type batteries are numerous. They charge very quickly (usually <30 minutes) and because of their energy density they can be made very small and in many different configurations. The AA’s I use actually only need a portion of the AA case volume so the each battery actually has it’s own charger built in. A USB charger cable plugs directly into the battery and can use pretty much any USB power source. I use a powered USB hub at home and an external cell phone battery at the shore. No separate charger needed. With the USB format the possibilities are endless.

      Here’s a link to the ones I use. There’s lots of rechargeables out there so I’d suggest some homework to get what works best for you.

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      I have a new post about rechargeable batteries. Any issues with LiPo AA batteries (e.g., overheating, quick failure rates, exposure to wet conditions, etc)? Sure would appreciate your experience and thoughts… your post is two years ago. Thanks!

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      I researched more and purchased rechargeable lithium batteries. The constant 1.5V x 4AA = 6.0V used in both Tx and Rx has worked well. This solved the sporadic servo issues, for example. This is based on 3+ months of testing.
      Use a more generic term and get the best rated batteries you feel comfortable buying.

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