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    lee edwards

    As a new owner, can someone please help me with the best way to apply numbers on my sails? I found the templates for size and location, and seek advice on what to use: markers, vinyl, or other films? Many thanks,

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    David Warren

    I used markers but a little messy and not perf3ct.

    I might try to put vinyl over them.

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    David Warren

    I have purchased a second set of sails and put vinyl on them for the numbers. I am very happy with the weight and flexibility.

    I have posted example on the DF USA facebook page.

    For those interested in vinyl sail numbers and USA, I have used the same vinyl guy for a while on other projects that is fast and cheap. He is out of town, but I sent him my graphics and he had them to me in 2 days.

    I’ve sent him all the class legal lettering and spacing guidelines and he said he’d cut and mail a full set in any color for $15. A full set is 4 numbers and 2 USAs.

    Feel free to reach out to him: Lloyd Brooks —

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    Scott Wise

    Why do class rules call for a max of 3 digit sail numbers? This leads to potentially sailing multiple boats displaying the same sail number.

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