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    I am getting a strange error message on my transmitter.

    It says: ERR1 and then gives a value in %. This value keeps changing.

    Others in our club are getting the same message.

    Everything seems to be working OK.

    I could not find anything in the instructions abut tis

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    DragonSailing NA

    This is just a signal strength message…

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    Thanks much.

    Can you tell me what the values mean?

    They keep changing. Sometimes, for example, it will read 6%, then 20% then maybe 12%.

    What is a good value range and what might indicate a problem?

    Thanks again.

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    The percentage goes up when the boat is further from you. It provides feedback when the boat might be getting out of range for control. At 500 feet approximately, I had a percentage of +/- 60 percent. 15 percent would be relatively close by. HTHS.

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