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    Greetings! I am new member of the forum and have only been RC sailing for about 1-1/2 years. Being a recent recipient of a DF95 I had reviewed the forum and became aware of the wobbly rudder issue. Sure enough, my DF95 had a loose rudder as described by others. I was concerned about some of the fixes offered, using CA seemed to be a temporary remedy due to the constant rotation of the rudder resulting in wear on the CA either on the rudder post or the rudder log, to whichever the CA was applied, as well as my inability to provide a consistent thickness. As I have learned from previous experience, I can do a lot of damage very quickly using a power tool to open the rudder log from .118 to accept a bushing of .1875 or .197. Fortunately, I found that K & S Metals offers a 3.5 mm OD (.138) x 3.05 mm ID brass tubing that was available on Amazon and Ebay. This tubing provided a good clearance fit for the 3 mm rudder post and and I did not have to open the rudder log much to accept the 3.5 mm OD. I cut the tubing to length then, using a pin vise, I started with a #30 (.128) drill to open the rudder log by hand then used a #29 (.136) drill and finished with a #28 (.140) drill. This provided a snug fit for the 3.5 mm bushing and only had to be lightly tapped into place. I used CA to secure the bushing and then had a small bit of filing to do to get the bushing flush with the deck. I then ran some Corrosion X on a pipe cleaner through the bushing and the rudder has worked well without wobble.

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    Leon Lance

    Thanks for sharing, Dan
    PERFECT !!!

    Leon Lance
    DF 95 USA 791 & 2177

    Austin Yacht Club

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    John Roy

    Anyone have info on putting on the decal set to change the color?

    John Roy

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    Leon Lance

    Yessir they are super and easy…..

    IF…you saturate the area with Windex,
    apply and slide the decal into position.
    remove bubbles with fingers or credit card let dry.

    Your done super easy
    you cant use too much Windex

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      John Roy

      Thanks Leon I will give it a go

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    I have gone through the whole gamut to solve the wobbly rudder problem. Trust me, you do not want to go through re-sleeving the rudder posts you suggest. I tried that. I got a perfect fit and was pretty smug about it. I then looked at the alignment of the newly place rudder with the keel. It was about 5-10 degrees out of alignment. The boat would never sail true like that. If you try replacing the rudder post, it is very, very, difficult to get it in perfect alignment with the keel. I ended up replacing the hull.

    I found, by far, the simplest and easiest solution. It takes about 30 seconds to do. simply remove the rudder, insert a length of rigging line through the post hole, add a few drops of lubricant and replace the rudder. Of course the ends of the line that stick out above and below the post hole need to be clipped. Have a variety of different diameter line on hand to get the best fit. Do not make the fit tight! It will cause resistance and burn out the rudder servo prematurely (that happened to me too). The line acts like a shim and it maintains the alignment of the rudder with the keel.

    Very simple and very easy to do and it works like a charm.

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