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    I decided to revisit a subject that was brought up earlier in these posts. I noticed the rudder of the DF 95 wobbled quite a bit. I was concerned that it would flutter while sailing. This, I believe could cause drag and slow the boat. I looked into using the brass 5/32″ x .014 tube recommended previously. The rudder shaft fit in okay but it still had a bit of wobble. Then I looked at some 5mm carbon fiber tube – what is used for the booms of a DF 65. The inner diameter is 3mm. This is the exact diameter of the rudder shaft. It was a very tight fit. Enough that it caused a fair amount of resistance when rotating the shaft in the carbon fiber tube. So I took a 1/8″ bit to slightly enlarge the inner diameter. It was a perfect fit – no wobble and the rudder shaft would easily rotate. I then discovered a 3/16″ hole would be just right for the outer diameter of the 5mm carbon fiber tube so it would fit in the hull, just like what others proposed for the brass or aluminum metal tubing.
    I am timid, though about drilling the 3/16″ hole where the rudder shaft goes into the hull though. If I messed it up I am concerned in getting replacement parts. I haven’t seen them listed for replacement. I might have to order a whole new hull. Any thoughts?

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