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Welcome to the DF95 Class Owners Association web site!

This site is your online resource to all things DF95 in the USA.  This newest RC yacht is poised to make a big splash in the RC sailing community. This multi-rigged boat excels in a large range of wind conditions. As a Restricted One-Design boat, skippers will be putting their sailing skills to the test not their wallet. It promises close and exciting racing in an affordable and easily maintained design.

New Class Rules

The DFICA met this week to address concerns about some of the recent rule changes. The World Council meeting held at the DF95 Globals in Fleetwood unanimously approved the adoption of DF65 Rules version 1.8 and DF95 Rules version 1.4 that had been circulated to all members. These related mainly to keel box patches and sail numbers. That meeting also addressed a new issue that had been identified at the regatta relating to hull, keel, bulb and rudder treatment that extended well beyond that contained in the rules. The WC members present at that meeting approved a Special Resolution for the Rules Committee to address Hull and Appendage treatment where a “gloss painted factory type finish” was required to keep boats equal and provide certainty for skippers wishing to decorate and differentiate their boats. The Rules Committee were given until 1st July to issue a further amendment. In the haste to meet this commitment and publish the newly amended rules, there was a lack of time to seek broader consultation and the ability for member nations to fully consider the changes and their consequences. The DFICA Executive Committee has agreed that more time should be provided for World Council members to consider the changes. Consequently, DF65 Rules Version 1.8 and DF95 Rules 1.4 will be effective from 1st July 2023 – these are online now. The proposed hull and appendage changes set out in DF65 Rules version 1.8.3 and DF 95 Rules version 1.4.3 will be deferred until this consultation process takes place.

New Class Rules 1.4 Effective 7/1/23
Class rule changes and explanation
Fin box sticker template

The DFICA has new proposed rules for review posted at the DFracing.world.org site. If you would, please review the proposed rules and send comments to the Class Secretary.

 2023 DF95 COA Regatta Management Manual  This guide is meant to provide both some required standards for all ranking regattas as well as some best practices. All clubs that plan to host a ranking regatta need to read and follow this manual. (1/15/2023) 

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Sail Registry (Getting Assigned A Sail Number)      
To get a sail number, review the sail registry page (click the sail registry tab above) and find an available number, fill out the online form (click the DF95 registration tab above) and request that number, submit payment via paypal from the bottom of the registration form. Then, please, be patient. I try to update the registry at least once a week (usually Thursday evenings) so it might be a few days before you hear from me. After, I register you and your number, you will receive an email verifying your sail number.