Tip and Hints

  • 1st DF95 Inspection: What to expect
  • Assembling your new version vang and main boom
  • Building your DF95  “B” rig video – Complete assembly video on correctly assembling your B Rig ( or other rig kits)
  • Don’t glue your masthead crane , or mast stub when you assemble your rigs! Accidents happen and if you happen to break  one of the pieces they are far less to replace as individual replacement pieces than replacing the entire mast assembly! ( Yes they are available individually)
  • Check the metal eyelets & sheet   rings for burrs, or rough edges! Typically they are OK,  but in a mass produced boat they may need a little smoothing with either fine sanding sticks or strips of emery cloth
  • The stock sails  ( A,B,C, & D) sometimes get the installed wire stuck in the  jib luff tape. The wire can be worked out of these if you take your time and are careful! The jib luff wire should move freely inside the luff of the sail for full efficiency
  • Take a second and tie off your Bung plug to the back stay hook, so it doesn’t get lost! Simply punch a hole in the flat end and run a bit of line through it!
  • Add a bit of foam  in between the lower crossbars  on your stand so that the weight of the boat rests on the foam when you store it!. These boats are pretty tough, but over time the weight of the boat can warp the bottom, and add undue stress to the bottom of the hull and keel assembly box!
  • If you ever plan on sailing in regattas across the country , save both your shipping and retail box for future use! You can preship your boat to your hotel via FedEx or UPS , eliminating the need to check it in as baggage, and travel light!
  • If your rudder is loose. Carefully drill out the two black plastic pieces to allow for the aluminum tube to be glued in place. The ID for the tube and the OD for the rudder post are one in the same.
    The tubing is by K & S Precision Metals.  
    They label it as 
    Stock # 9309   
    RD. Alum Tube  
    3/16 x 0.035  
    (4.76mm x 0.889mm)
  • Tuning measurements from German DF95 site.
  • df95 tuning setup – Clay Bauman
  • Painting your DF95 – Larry Cobb