North American DF95 Suppliers 

Boats and Parts:
Dragon Sailing North America
: US Importer and Distributor  for the complete line of DragonFlite 95 Add-Ons, boats, replacement parts and accessories.


Rock Sails  : DragonFlite 95 Sails made to your specs !
Hot Sails: HOTrcsails Sail Sets are proudly made for you to your specifications.
Sirius Sails: DragonFlite 95 “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” Suite now available.
Carr Sails: DragonFlite 95 sails in stock and ready to ship.

Sail Numbers:
Windjammin Sails: DragonFlite 95 sail numbers made from insignia cloth into vinyl.

Yacht Stands:
Breaking Wind Boats: Boat stands designed for the DF95

Suppliers outside North America

Boats and Parts:
RC Yachts: Radio Controlled Yacht Specialist

Cat Sails
: High performance sails and accessories for radio yachting
Soch Sails
: Sails and Accessories for Radio Yachting

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