North American DF95 Suppliers 

Boats and Parts:
Dragon Sailing North America
: US Importer and Distributor  for the complete line of DragonFlite 95 Add-Ons, boats, replacement parts and accessories.

Carr Sails: DragonFlite 95 sails in stock and ready to ship.
Cat Sails: High performance sails and accessories for radio yachting
Hot Sails:  Sail Sets are proudly made for you to your specifications.
Midwest Model Yachting: Custom Sails for the DF95.
Rock Sails  : DragonFlite 95 Sails made to your specs !
Sirius Sails: DragonFlite 95 “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” Suite now available.
Soch Sails: Sails and Accessories for Radio Yachting

Sail Numbers:
Windjammin Sails: DragonFlite 95 sail numbers made from insignia cloth into vinyl.
Midwest Model Yachting: Custom vinyl number sets for the DragonFlite 95 made to the customers request, including the class logo, country designator, transfer tape, instructions, diagram for proper placement on sails and cut to size for easy application on the sails.

Yacht Stands:
Breaking Wind Boats: Boat stands designed for the DF95

Suppliers outside North America

Boats and Parts:
RC Yachts: Radio Controlled Yacht Specialist

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