New Version of Class Rules and Explanations Posted

Please see the Resources page to read the new class rules v1-2 and the accompanying document which explains the new rules. Note, the 2016 National Championship is utilizing these rules.

From my perspective (YMMV), the most consequential and positive change is the allowance for the addition of a mainsheet ring bridle adjustment cord to maintain a consistent position of the mainsheet bridle ring.

Please read the new rules and the explanatory document.

DF95 In the wild in the States!

The red tape of U.S. Customs has parted and the DF95 is loose! Pre-ordered 95s have started making their way across the States to expectant and nervous new DF95 Skippers.

Courtesy of Dragon Sailing North America, every pre-ordered DF95 has already been submitted to the DF95 Class Owners Association Registry at no cost to the skipper.

Additionally, the sail registry will be available for viewing soon.

The COA registration page is up and functioning for those who did not pre-ordered.